Release: Racingline MQB 2.0TSI Stage 3

Want the ultimate performance and piece of mind from your 2.0TSI? You’ve found it.

We are excited to announce the details of the latest product offering from Racingline Performance – the Racingline OEM+ Stage 3 kit for the Golf 7/Audi S3/MQB 2.0T EA888 Gen 3.

A complete and well-thought-out turn-key solution that blends ultimate performance with peace of mind.

What is a hybrid turbocharger?

The kit is centred around a larger turbocharger, using the stock factory IHI turbocharger housing as a base.

Inside, however, the internals are redesigned from scratch with a custom turbine wheel and high quality bearing pack to safely accommodate the increased power level.



For you, this means piece of mind. Installation is simple and worry-free, as it reuses every factory fitment, oil line and coolant connection – even the factory gaskets. No aftermarket fixings, no adaptors, no worries for thousands of hard miles of enjoyment.

If you already have an aftermarket 3″ downpipe, intake system and/or intercooler – it’s all reusable with the Stage 3 kit.

Every single turbo is entirely built in the UK, balanced, checked and tested to in excess of its maximum operating speed on a Vane Flow Test Rig machine to ensure perfect quality each time. The wastegate is then calibrated for precise operation and control to ensure full integration with the OEM+ calibration.

What’s included in the kit?

As well as the turbo itself, a Turbo Muffler Delete, the Turbo 90 High Flow Elbow and the High Flow Turbo inlet pipe are included in the Stage 3 kit.

In order to extract the maximum power from the larger turbocharger, an upgraded high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) is required.

How does it perform?

It’s impressive to say the least!

In Brisbane on our Dynapak hub dyno, multiple Stage 3 equipped Golf R’s have produced almost 350kw and 600nm at the hubs.

Compare this to a standard Golf R which makes around 190-200kw and 380nm on our hub dyno, and you start to understand the performance a Stage 3 car is capable of.

On the road this immense power and torque combined with a tuned DSG has delivered a 0-100km/h time of just 2.9 seconds, putting a Stage 3+ Golf R, S3 or TT well within supercar punishing territory.

At Willowbank Raceway here in Queensland we’ve recorded a staggering 10.928 second 1/4 mile at 126.6mph.

In spite of these impressive figures, the Stage 3 kit does not detract from the overall driveability of the car.

As with all Racingline performance upgrades, drivability and reliability are right up there alongside outright performance. Using the stock IHI housing ensures a low-lag spool on the turbo and great efficiency – to the benefit of power, smoothness and even economy.

Is it safe?

At this level, all of the supporting hardware is stable and safe, and all of the ECU’s component protection systems are fully operational. Other tuners have witnessed engine and turbo failures when pushing beyond this level, particularly without a built engine.

We don’t want this to happen to you, which is why Racingline are offering a safer, reliable, turn-key package at safe peak power levels.

Speaking of testing, we have subjected it to some of the most extreme conditions including Motor magazines Hot Tuner challenge 2016 and World Time Attack 2016, plus countless track days and drag strip events. Between both the Australian development cars, our Golf R and S1, there are over 1300 dyno pulls in temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.

So you’re ready to go Stage 3, now what?

In conjunction with the Stage 3 kit, there are a couple of other ‘must haves’.

At this power level, the Racingline R600 intake system is highly recommended, although other intakes are compatible.

You will also require a 3″ downpipe with high flow cat and an upgraded intercooler. A cat back is highly recommended, but not required (excludes wagons where a cat back is required due to restrictions in the y-pipe).

Click here to read more about our back-to-back R600 vs APR intake testing.

The standard spark plugs gapped to 0.6mm are suitable for a street car. However, if the car is more track-focused we would recommend one-step colder plugs gapped to 0.55mm. NGK R7437-9 Racing Spark Plug – MQB IS38 / Stage 3.

We also strongly recommend plug gaps be checked every 5000km’s. This is about the same interval for an oil change.

With a manual transmission, an upgraded clutch is required, and we supply and recommend our Torque Control heavy duty clutch which is capable of withstanding over 600nm of torque whilst maintaining good pedal feel.

For DSG transmissions, Racingline’s TCU software is required to handle the torque. This software is specially calibrated for the stock clutches, and only by delving deeper into the calibration, can we achieve such incredible figures from these clutches.

A quality engine oil is important for any modified vehicle. See our guide for recommendations.

To view pricing, please visit our online store. To order your Racingline Stage 3 kit, please contact us or your nearest distributor.