Tech Tip: Racingline Stage 3 kit intake testing

Are all intakes created equally?

During the local testing and development of the Racingline Stage 3 kit, we had the opportunity to test a Racingline R600 Intake System vs the APR Carbon Fibre Intake System.

The goal was simple – to see if at this power level, does the surface area of the intake make a difference?


We tested the results on our Dynapak hub dyno, carrying out 3 power runs first on the R600, then on the APR intake and once again with the R600 to confirm the results.

Before each group of power runs we ran the car multiple times to ensure the ECU had adapted to any difference in air flow, and to lower the intake air temperature equal to previous runs.

No other parts were changed between testing.

These are the results:

Firstly, note that this car did not have a production version of our DSG software, hence the lower torque output.

Looking at the graph the red line represents the R600 intake and the orange line represents the APR intake.

Above 6200rpm it’s clear that the additional surface area of the R600 does allow the engine to make more peak power – around 14kw and 20nm.

For more information on the Racingline Stage 3 kit, please visit our product release.