Racingline Uprated Engine Mount – MQB Platform [VWR15G702]

Racingline Uprated Engine Mount – MQB Platform [VWR15G702]


For high power and hard driven applications

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Whilst we recommend the VWR Lower Engine Mount upgrade alone for road cars, to harness more significant power increases, and transfer that power to the track, this full Uprated Drivetrain Mount Set and Torque Link will give a much more solid drive, and crucially add durability to any high-powered or hard-driven car.

The whole engine and gearbox (the drivetrain) is located in just three places. The two upper mounts support the entire weight of the engine/gearbox, plus a third Lower Mount underneath the engine.

The full Uprated Drivetrain Mount Set are a CNC-machined, fully engineered replacement set of three mounts designed to greatly decrease engine and transmission movement, ensuring clean transfer of power to the track.

The risk of wheel-hop under hard acceleration is greatly reduced as the whole engine and ‘box assembly is firmly prevented from juddering when wheelspin occurs and through aggressive gearchages.

  • ADDED STRENGTH -Essential upgrade for modified cars to keep the drivetrain properly located
  • TRANSFORM THE DRIVE -Transform the feeling of your car, through eliminating wheel-hop off the line and through aggressive gearchanges
  • HIGH QUALITY -CNC machined in the UK, highest quality materials and construction, including a full replacement lower mount (not an insert) and replacement Torque Arm
  • EXTENSIVE DEVELOPMENT -Careful development of the durometer (stiffness) rating of the polymer used, meaning less compromise on NVH
  • RACE PROVEN -Developed and proven on race cars = refined for road
  • EXTREME -For road cars, we recommend just the Uprated Lower Engine Mount; but for high-powered or track cars, this full Uprated Mount Set is the ultimate choice.


For those with high-power cars or who use their car regularly on track, the VWR Uprated Engine Mount Set is truly one of the most worthwhile upgrades to the driving dynamics of their car.

The Uprated Full Set of Engine Mount stiffens the whole location of the drivetrain greatly to give a much tighter, sharper feeling to your car. It removes the loose feeling when coming on and off-throttle during aggressive gearchanges, and banishes wheel-hop under hard acceleration as the whole engine and ‘box assembly judders.

This adds strength to the drivetrain, helping to protect from future wear and breakages. Rather than some aftermarket ‘push in’ bushes which crudely fill the voids in the original factory mounts, the VWR unit is a completely redesigned replacement mount assembly and torque link.

Of course, with a full mount set there is more noise from the drivetrain coming into the cabin, and more than from the VWR Lower Mount alone. But most keen drivers are happy to accept this compromise to ensure that they are more ‘connected’ to their car.


The added stiffness of the Torque Link has allowed us to reduce the durometer (stiffness) rating of the polymer used on all three mounts, meaning less compromise on NVH.

The mounts and torque link start life as a billet of T6000 Ali which is fully CNC machined, matched with our polymer mix of different durometer (hardness) ratings which allow some compliance within the mounts, yet filters much of the drivetrain’s vibration.

All our mounts are designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK.



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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 18 cm


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This product is compatible with the following vehicles:

Year Make Model Engine
Year Make Model Engine
2013 - 2017 Audi S3 (8V) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3)
2013 - 2017 Volkswagen Golf (MK7) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3) - GTI
2013 - 2017 Volkswagen Golf (MK7) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3) - GTI 40TH
2013 - 2017 Volkswagen Golf (MK7) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3) - R
2013 - 2017 Volkswagen Golf (MK7) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3) - WAGON
2013 - 2018 Skoda Octavia (5E) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3)
2014 - 2017 Audi TT (8S) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3)
2014 - 2017 Audi TTS (8S) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3)
2016 - 2018 Skoda Superb (3V) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3)
2016 - 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TURBO - 162KW
2017 - 2018 Volkswagen Arteon 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3)
2017 Volkswagen Golf (MK7.5) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3) - R
2018 Volkswagen Passat (B8) 2.0 TURBO (EA888 GEN 3)