Racingline Sport Springs (ACC Compatible) – Scirocco/New Beetle [VWR31S000]

Racingline Sport Springs (ACC Compatible) – Scirocco/New Beetle [VWR31S000]


Improve the handling and appearance of your VW or Audi

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If you use your VWG vehicle on a daily basis and are only looking to uprate one aspect of your car, you can’t do better than VWR Sport Springs. What do they do? Well, by replacing the car’s four standard springs with re-engineered, different-rate and slightly shorter Sport Springs, the vehicle’s center of gravity is lowered, reducing body roll for better dynamics, whilst maintaining the ride quality and comfort of your car. No other changes are needed, it’s as simple as that.

One of the most common comments from our customers after they’ve fitted the VWR Sport Springs is how good the ride and handling is; that’s not by luck. Our suspension engineers work through multiple spring rates, lengths and windings on each derivative of each model to ensure that they are perfect.

Little wonder the VWR Sport Springs are our best-selling product around the world.

  • THE PERFECT DROP -We typically have chosen to lower the sports models (GTI, R, S3 etc) by 20-30 mm, and the other models by 30-35mm for each kit in order to preserve the wheel travel needed.
  • ACC COMPATIBLE -The Sport Springs are developed to be fully compatible with cars fitted with Volkswagen Group’s switchable ACC (Adjustable Chassis Control) dampers.
  • OEM STANDARD -Constructed alongside OEM springs, and with the world-renowned TUV approvals, the development, testing and quality of the VWR Sport Springs are more than an equal of the factory springs.
  • ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION -The Sport Springs are a progressive rate spring, allowing us to preserve the ride quality in normal use, but then to stiffen the effective spring rates at the ends of the travel when cornering or braking hard.
  • FULL RANGE -Available for almost all models, including lower-powered twist-beam rear suspension cars.
  • BEAUTIFUL RIDE -Our extensive development program on each version of each model has given us a ride quality just as good as that of the standard car.



We recommend VWR Sport Springs for all but the most demanding use (such as track use, or when a very low ride-height is required, for which the StreetSport Coilover Suspension kits are ideal).

Go lower or stiffer as some popular brands of lowering springs do, and your car will bounce and crash its way along the road as the dampers are mismatched to spring-rate, and the springs themselves run out of travel.

Our carefully-developed progressive-rate spring construction means that the spring rate in the middle of its travel is very similar to standard. It’s only towards the end of the spring’s travel (so, when braking or cornering hard) that we have engineered the spring to stiffen up.

It’s this progressive-rate spring design that leads to many of our customers telling us how impressed they are with the ride quality with the springs fitted.



Many experts consider suspension development to be as much an art as a science. In truth, it’s a bit of both. ?What is certain is that an ‘off the shelf’ spring set that some companies offer is not going to be optimised for any particular car.

For the VWR Sport Springs, we put extensive development into determining the perfect specifications (spring length, rate and winding design) ?for each version of each model type that we offer.

No fewer than 27 different spring combinations were trialled in our Golf 7 development, meaning the reassurance of a perfect set up, especially developed for your model.

The springs come in beautiful powder-coated gloss VWR blue with RacingLine logos.



Note that we recommend that you get your car’s wheel-tracking verified as a part of the installation process. Whilst the ride-height reduction that the Sport Springs provide keep the geometry within the VWG-recommended tolerances, if your car is not brand new it may have already been moving out of factory tolerance with use, so it is good practice for your installer to verify that all is still correct after fitment.



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2010 - 2017 Volkswagen Scirocco R (1K8) 2.0 TURBO (EA113)