Racingline OEM+ TCU/DSG Software – Facelift RS3 DQ500

Racingline OEM+ TCU/DSG Software – Facelift RS3 DQ500


Our OEM+ TCU Dynamic Software is simply an essential upgrade to get the most out of any modified DSG car.

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Our OEM+ TCU Dynamic Software is simply an essential upgrade to get the most out of any modified DSG car.

Several years of road and track development have given us the smartest transmission software on the market: by continually feeding the engine ECU’s torque demands through to the gearbox’s controller, the system dynamically calculates and adjusts the DSG’s variable clutch pressures to suit whatever your power output is.

Meaning that just one RacingLine TCU software upgrade will serve your car from standard, through Stage 1, right up to Stage 3. So unlike some, there’s no need for a new TCU calibration each time you increase your car’s performance.



Our TCU Dynamic upgrades are simply the best modification you can make to your DSG or S Tronic transmission.

Our engineers reprogram the gearbox’s calibration inside the TCU (Transmission Control Unit). This allows the transmission to maintain higher torque levels through our dynamic clutch pressure strategy, right up to a mighty 19 bar pressure. The result? Shifts are even faster, giving harder acceleration through the gears, whatever level of performance your car has – up to Stage 3.

Meanwhile, the driving mode strategy itself is optimised to suit higher power levels, giving a more natural gear selection profile. Flick the car over to manual, and at last you’ll have true gear control at your fingertips – no auto-upshift, no kick down until you command it (or drop back to D/S modes).

Not only that, launch control will get you off the line quicker through allowing more boost at launch and increased launch RPM, combined with a less intrusive traction control in launch mode.



Our smart TCU software takes its feed from the ECU to calculate torque demands: meaning one flash gives dynamic clutch pressure whatever your engine tune.


By increasing the torque limiters in the gearbox, the ‘box will no longer command the engine ECU to pull power back. Meaning the full potential of the engine is no longer limited. Our dynamic TCU map is essential for any car going to Stage 2 or above.


Raised shift points and increased clutch clamping pressure beyond factory torque levels ensure the quickest changes possible for the best performance.


We’re all keen drivers, and what better than taking full control of your car with our True Manual Mode. Even in normal ‘D’ mode, shift strategy is more natural, avoiding those annoying upshifts right through to top gear at low speeds.


We are uniquely positioned to tap into a vast knowledge base and resources network during our development.

OEM+ TCU calibrations will never overstress the DSG’s inherent hardware systems.


Our OEM+ TCU tunes are compatible with all engine ECU software. So even if you’ve already chosen another brand, you can still enjoy our TCU smart software.

Whilst it is not necessary to use RacingLine hardware, all of our OEM+ testing and development has been completed utilising our own products to ensure perfect performance and compatibility. We cannot guarantee power figures or reliability should you wish to use other branded hardware products not manufactured or sold through RacingLine Performance and our associated dealer network.

Our highly developed DSG software is unique in the marketplace, even though we can do near “miraculous” things to sort out driveability issues, increase torque holding, and in some cases fix shuddering caused by programming & wear. The software WILL NOT:
⦁ Repair damaged or faulty mechatronics units
⦁ Recover slipping clutches or repair slipping clutches
⦁ Repair worn gear sets or compensate for poorly serviced transmissions
⦁ Will not work with modified engine software, engine components & DSG hardware unless we deem the software & components to be 100% compatible before purchase of the DSG Software.
⦁ As the software is custom produced for each vehicle and set of specifications, it is not returnable.

This product is compatible with the following vehicles:

Year Make Model Engine
Year Make Model Engine
2017 - 2018 Audi RS3 (8V FL) 2.5 TURBO
2018 - 2019 Audi RSQ3 (8U) 2.5 TURBO
2018 - 2019 Audi TTRS (8S) 2.5 TURBO
2020 Audi RS3 (8V FL) 2.5 TURBO DNWA (OPF)