Racingline Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Racingline Air Filter Cleaning Kit


Regular cleaning is vital to maintaining air filter performance

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All foam air filters should be oiled to provide the best filtration performance. The recommended oils are specifically formulated for foam air filters. When the oil is correctly applied, it provides a tacky coating over all the surfaces of the structure of the foam filter. As dust particles pass into the filter, they collide with the foam structure and are then retained in the oil coating. The oil coating also flows around the dust particles to continue to present a tacky surface for further dust particles.

Regular inspection and cleaning of your Racingline panel filter or intake system is recommended to ensure that your filter continues to deliver improved power and good filtration.

If your car is regularly used in a dusty or hot environment, we advise that you clean and re-oil your filter more regularly.

We recommend the your Racingline performance air filter is cleaned and oiled every 6 months/7,500km if exposed to high heat (e.g. Cup intake system) or dust, or every 12 months/15,000km for normal conditions.

The use of cotton type filter cleaning kits (e.g. K&N, BMC etc) is not recommended as the oil will not stick to the foam and can cause the filter to dry out and become brittle.

Racingline Cleaning Kit consists of:

  • 1 x CL-1 (500ml) cleaning fluid
  • 1 x JDR-1 (400ml) Light Dust Retention spray

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