DMS Automotive ECU Software – BMW X6 30SD

DMS Automotive ECU Software – BMW X6 30SD


The ultimate in prestige car performance upgrades

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We have built our reputation on our software improvements for the many cars we have worked on. All our software calibration is developed in house, and as such we are in the unique position to deliver the best possible result for your car. As well as dramatic power increases we spend months concentrating on drivability, for example improving the initial response on a diesel automatic can make the car much more pleasurable to drive even when you are not accessing the additional power. On many cars the fuel economy is also significantly improved after we have upgraded. We test extensively to make sure that longevity and reliability are not affected. We also have development centres in tropical climates so for even the most high-performance super cars, we are able to offer fully tested options for hot weather and possible poor fuel quality.

210 KW 265 KW 55 KW
560 NM 733 NM 173 NM